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21 at Home Exercises During the Quarantine

Hey everyone! Quarantine preventing you from staying active and getting some exercise? Getting into a routine exercise regimen everyday can be a great stress reliever, decrease those aches and pains, break up your day, and just plain ol’ make you feel good. Exercise has been shown to release endorphins – natural chemicals in your body that make you feel happy! Described below are three different exercise routines – one for our older folks (routine #1), one for our beginner exercisers (routine #2), and one for those desiring an extra challenge (routine #3). So lace up those shoes and let’s get movin’! Here is our challenge to you: See if you can perform 20 repetitions of each exercise!

If you have pre-existing health conditions or are wondering if it is safe for you to exercise, make sure to get in touch with your physician or primary care provider. We want you to be safe and stay healthy!

Routine #1 – For the Young at Heart

Standing Heel Raises Exercise

Standing Heel Raise

Holding onto your kitchen counter with both hands, bring both of your heels off of the ground, hold for one second, then slowly lower your heels back to the ground. You should be feeling a burn in the back of your lower legs. Repeat until those legs are really burning!

Standing Side Kicks Exercise

Standing Side Kicks

Holding onto your kitchen counter with both hands, kick one leg out to the side. Make sure you are not tipping your body to the side and keep your moving toes pointed straight towards the counter. Feel that burn in the sides of the hips!

Mini Squats Exercise

Mini Squats

Holding onto your kitchen counter with both hands, bend your knees to perform the squat and then stand back up. If you’re wondering if you are doing this one correctly, pretend like you are sitting down into chair and then stand back up.

Standing Marching Exercise

Standing Marching

Holding onto the kitchen counter with one hand (face sideways away from the counter), alternate marching your right and left knees high into the air. This one is great for balance!

Repeated Sit to Stand Exercise

Repeated Sit to Stands

With your arms across your chest, stand up from sitting in a chair and then sit back down. Do this several times in a row. This is sure to get your heart rate up! If you are having trouble standing up, you can push up on the armrests of the chair rather than crossing your arms across your chest.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze Exercise

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

While sitting in a chair, squeeze your shoulder blades together, hold for one second, and relax. Repeat! You should feel a burn between your shoulder blades.

Side Ways Walking Exercise

Sideways Walking at the Kitchen Counter

Facing the kitchen counter and holding on with both hands, walk sideways along the length of the counter. Once you run out of counter space, go back the opposite direction!

Routine #2 – For the Motivated Beginners

Floor Touch to Overhead Exercise

Floor Touch to Overhead

Floor Touch to Overhead Reach – This one is a great warm-up exercise! Stand with your feel a little wider than shoulder width apart, reach between your legs with the goal of touching the ground then reach up towards the ceiling. Keep performing this one until you feel your heart rate is somewhat elevated and your body is feeling warm.

One Legged Heel Raise Exercise

One Legged Heel Raise

Holding onto a nearby wall, friend, or counter, stand on one leg. Raise your heel off of the ground, hold for one second, and slowly lower your heel back to the ground. Repeat this one until that calf is feeling the burn!

Bridge Hold Exercise

Bridge Hold

Lying on your bed or the ground, rest your arms at your sides and have your knees bent with your feet on the floor. Press your hips up towards the ceiling and hold this. Think of squeezing those glute muscles! You should feel this one in the front of your thighs as well as your glutes. To get a really good burn, try to hold for 30 seconds!

Side-Lying Clamshell Exercise

Side-Lying Clamshell

Lying on your side on either your bed or the ground, stack your legs directly on top of one another with your knees bent. Keep your feet together, but open and close your knees repeatedly. Don’t let your body roll backwards! This is cheating! You should feel a burn in the side of the hip with this one. Make sure to do on both sides too!

Push ups on the Wall Exercise

Push-Ups on the Wall

With your hands on the wall and your feet on the floor, let’s do some push-ups! You’ll find you will have to be on the balls of your feet for this exercise. Bend those elbows, touch your nose to the wall, and then straighten those elbows. Feelin’ that burn in those arms?!

Bicep Curls Exercise

Bicep Curls with a Soup Can

Let’s make use of all of those canned goods you have stocked up! Grab a couple of the bigger ones in your pantry, hold one in each hand, keep your elbows at your sides, curl the cans up and slowly lower them back down. Repeat until you feel a burn in those bicep muscles!

Squats Exercise


With your arms across your chest, bend your knees as if you were sitting down in a chair and then stand back up. Do this repeatedly until you are feeling tired! This is a great overall body exercise!

Routine #3 – For the Serious Sweaters

Jump Squat Exercise

Jump Squats

This is a great warm-up activity to get the blood flowing! With your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, squat down while simultaneously reaching your fingertips to the floor. Once you touch the floor jump up and reach up as high as you can towards the ceiling!

Speed Skaters Exercise

Speed Skaters

Time to channel your inner Apolo Ohno! Start off in a “ready position” with your knees and hips slightly bent. Bring one leg behind the other – almost like you are doing a curtsy. Then switch and so that you are doing a “curtsy” with the opposite leg. As you get the hang of it, you can pick up the pace. Once you get going pretty quickly, you will notice that there is a lot of side to side jumping movement.

Mountain Climbers Exercise

Mountain Climbers

Start off in a push-up position on the floor. While keeping your elbows straight, jump and bring one foot up underneath your chest. Then alternate your feet so that the opposite leg is underneath your chest. The movement is almost like you are running horizontally!

Side Plank Dips Exercise

Side Plank Dips

Start of lying on your side on the ground. Push your hips up towards the ceiling by pushing into the ground through your elbow and the sides of your feet. Slowly lower your hips and tap. Once your hip touches the ground, immediately press your hip back up towards the ceiling. Repeat this one – you should feel the burn in both the sides of your hips as well as your arm. Don’t forget to do this one on both sides!

Dead Bugs Exercise

Dead Bugs

This is a GREAT core exercise. While lying on your back, extend your arms straight up towards the ceiling. Then bring your legs up to a “tabletop” position – bend both of your hips to 90 degrees as well as both of your knees to 90 degrees. While keeping your core muscles engaged (think of pressing your low back flat into the ground), bring your right arm overhead while simultaneously pointing your left toes towards the wall. Hold this for 5 seconds then switch to reaching with your left arm and pointing your right toes.

Push-Ups Exercise


You know what these are! Drop and give me 20!

Single Leg Heel Raises Exercise

Single Leg Heel Raises on a Step

Yep, the name of this one pretty much explains it. Stand on one leg while on a step. Stand on the step so that your heel is hanging off of the edge of the step. Lower your heel down towards the ground and then raise your heel as high as you can so that you are up on your toes. Repeat this one until you’re feeling a really good burn in the back of your lower leg. If you don’t have a step where you live, grab a thick book or some sort of block that will hold your weight. If you don’t have anything like this, doing this exercise on flat ground will do!