Top 10 Back to School Shoes for Teachers

Top 10 Back to School Shoes for Teachers Back to school. A statement that strikes fear and excitement into the hearts of teachers. If you’re a teacher you probably have a thousand things on your mind, including a mile-long checklist of supplies for your classroom. That being said, we understand that you’re probably needing new footwear for the back to … Read More

Must-Have Women’s Shoes in our Clearance Sale

Must-Have Women’s Shoes in our Clearance Sale In need of new women’s shoes? Summer is in full-swing, as July hit and we have the perfect mid-summer treat at Chiappetta Shoes—our summer clearance sale! Running until Saturday, July 21, the entirety of the store is filled with clearance racks, ensuring that you will find the perfect pair to get you through … Read More

Prevent Foot Pain with Stretching

woman stretching routine to prevent foot pain

Prevent Foot Pain with Stretching Foot pain. You’ve probably experienced it. If you haven’t, you probably will. What seems like an impossible and painful situation, can ultimately be improved or even prevented over time. Have you heard the phrase “Working Stiff”? A working stiff is a hard working employee or owner. This phrase, which became popular in the 1930’s, describes … Read More

Best Spring Running Shoes (2018)

Looking for a new Spring running shoe? Look no further, we have covered with our “Best Spring Running Shoes (2018)”. Featuring this Spring’s newest inventory, take a look below for our top picks all while keeping comfort, flexibility, and style in mind. Join us as we cross our fingers for warmer weather and as always come on in to the … Read More

Top Shoes for Easter (2018)

If you’re celebrating Easter later this week, we hope you have a relaxing holiday surrounded by family and friends. It’s a busy time here at Chiappetta Shoes, as we are getting new Spring inventory in daily from the brands you love. From neutral hues to metallic shades to mesh and other trends (you can read all about Spring’s hottest trends here) … Read More

Best Brands This Spring for Plantar Fasciitis (2018)

Plantar Fasciitis. Simply, it’s an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. If you’re all too familiar with this condition, you may know that people suffer daily from this painful foot condition and experience a tremendous amount of pain; often feeling like you are being stabbed in the heel with each step … Read More

Why Their Orthotics Aren’t Giving You Relief

When you hear the term “orthotics”, most people immediately have a negative connotation. We run into this problem daily at Chiappetta Shoes. Customer after customer walks in with a bag full of orthotics, all of which are either uncomfortable, too thick, or are made poorly. This bag usually represents thousands of dollars and is completely worthless. Not only are they out … Read More

Top Spring Footwear Trends (2018)

Hey-o! Does anyone else feel like the month of February flew by? While you may still feel like you’re stuck in a forever winter-mode, your shoe dogs are fully encompassed with Spring. If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page yet, or you don’t follow us on social media, you’re missing out! We’ve been posting sneak peaks and unboxings of … Read More

Top Boots & Shoes for Valentine’s Day (2018)

Valentine’s day is THIS WEDNESDAY! Holy moly. If you haven’t yet shopped for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, or you’re wanting to splurge on yourself, we’ve put together a list of our hand-picked top shoes and boots to wear on Valentine’s Day or gift to someone special! (Let’s be honest, I would wear these comfortable AND gorgeous shoes any day of … Read More

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (2018)

If you haven’t yet thought of what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day, no worries you still have time to shop! Don’t have a person for Valentine’s Day? We are all about that #treatyoself movement too! This year’s gift guide features a few NEW shoes we’ve recently gotten in at Chiappetta Shoes as well as our one-of-a-kind accessories … Read More

Top Boots & Shoes for Winter (2018)

Wisconsinites know first-hand, perhaps more than anyone else, that the month is irrelevant when it comes to the unpredictability of weather. If you’re like me, a winter wonderland just isn’t very appealing after the Christmas season is done and over with. Thus, I do what’s only appropriate when it feels like it’s 10 below freezing – I bundle up into … Read More


Hey Hey! Krista here. Team Chia is hoping everyone had a wonderful and relaxing New Years. I spent my New Years celebrating my sister’s marriage on December 30th in Lake Geneva. It was a great weekend surrounded by close family and friends. (PS: I also managed to dance the night away comfortably due to my Clarks Keesha Rosa Gold Flats … Read More