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  • Custom Orthotics Solving Knee and Hip Pain - Chiappetta Orthotics Story

    Susan Chesshire has been a proud customer of Chiappetta
  • Custom Orthotics Life-Changing Story - Customer Testimonial - Chiappetta Shoes - Liz Dodo

    A conversation Tony Chiappetta (CEO of Chiappetta Shoes) had with one of his custom orthotics clients, Liz Dodo.
  • Custom Orthotics Life-Changing Story - Chiappetta Shoes - SS21 | Shelley Stetler

    A customer details her experience with Chiappetta Shoes custom orthotics
  • Custom Orthotics | Christina

    Christina, a customer of ours.
  • 5 Tips For Running In Cold Weather | Athletico

    For the avid runners who are determined to keep their mileage up despite colder temperatures
  • Clarity

    I was fresh out of college with a thousand ideas ready to roll for Chiappetta Shoes