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Austin Esser
Austin Esser

Custom Orthotics with Christina

Christina, a customer of ours, visited us earlier in the month after agreeing to participate in a short video to discuss her experience of receiving custom orthotics from our shop. When the day arrived, we greeted her with a smile and a warm conversation. She told me about her daughter and all that she is accomplishing in her research and studies on autism. I could immediately tell that she is a proud momma.

Christina has been a loyal customer for 23 years now, since the birth of her daughter. She is a dedicated teacher in the Kenosha area and spends the majority of her day on her feet. She initially discovered us after being referred by her daughter's doctor. Christina's first experience at our shop was when Fred made alterations to a pair of over-the-counter inserts for her daughter. When Christina began experiencing painful symptoms that accompany plantar fasciitis, as well as knee pain and nerve pain, she made an appointment to get her own pair of custom orthotics from us too.

In regard to the scheduling process, she said it was easy and she was able to get an appointment only two days after the initial call. When it comes to the cost of custom orthotics, she recognizes that orthotics are not cheap by any means, but she stresses the importance of making your feet a priority. Here at the Chiappetta Shoes, we think of feet as the foundation for your body. In addition, Christina says that her orthotics are holding up very well, and although we recommend coming in every 6 months for adjustments, she hasn't had any issues.

When asked if she would recommend our custom orthotics to family and friends, she said most definitely. She says that we've helped her tremendously with her foot pain, and she no longer experiences much knee or nerve pain.

"I practically forget my feet."

Thanks for stopping in Christina and volunteering your time to help us with this short video. 
Thank you for trusting in us to provide real solutions and relief for you and your family. We look forward to assisting you for many years.

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