Custom Orthotics Life-Changing Story - Customer Testimonial - Chiappetta Shoes - Liz Dodo

Austin Esser
Austin Esser

Chiappetta Shoes truly changes lives for the better. To better detail the impact Chiappetta Shoes orthotics make, here is a conversation Tony Chiappetta (CEO of Chiappetta Shoes) had with one of his custom orthotics clients, Liz Dodo.

Liz Dodo had severe plantar fasciitis for 18 months.

"I was in pain every time I took a step."

Liz Dodo

Liz went from wearing a boot to physical therapy to cortisone shots to taping and even to surgeries. There just wasn't a way for her to solve her foot pain. Liz was even using orthotics made by her doctors for a different issue that first led to her plantar fasciitis. Luckily, through word-of-mouth, Liz was able to find Chiappetta Shoes.

"Once I finally came here (Chiappetta Shoes) and I got the orthotics and Finn Comfort sandals, within a couple of weeks, I started to feel amazing." - Liz

Liz has been a happy customer of Chiappetta Shoes for four years now. Before Liz got her custom orthotics from Chiappetta Shoes, she was almost 300 pounds. She couldn't exercise because she couldn't walk.

"It's [Custom Orthotics] an investment I can't do without"

Liz Dodo

"Once I was able to get my feet back I had an 80-pound weight loss... I trained for and ran two half marathons and then decided from there, I think I can run a marathon, so I did. For my 50th (birthday) I trained for and ran 26.2 miles, without foot pain!" - Liz Dodo

Chiappetta Shoes has been solving foot pain for 100 years with our best in the country pedorthists who will work tirelessly to solve your foot pain. Liz is just one of the thousands of patients we have had to get them back on their feet.

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