Custom Orthotics Solving Knee and Hip Pain - Chiappetta Orthotics Story

Austin Esser
Austin Esser
Susan Chesshire has been a proud customer of Chiappetta Shoes and her story is one that a lot of people can relate to. What a lot of people don't know is that orthotics can relieve more than just foot pain. Proper custom orthotics can solve a multitude of problems such as the back, knee, hip, ankle, and more! In Susan's case, her initial pain revolved around her hip and knee.

Chiappetta Shoes has been a go-to place for solving pain that stems from feet. Due to this, many doctors/physical therapists in the area suggest Chiappetta Shoes as a trusted source to help the pain. Many customers are referred from Doctors of Physical Therapy in Kenosha. They are a great source for PT needs. Chiappetta Shoes did a blog post collaboration to help with different stretches to prevent foot pain. You can view that by clicking the image below. ⬇️


In Susan's situation, her orthotics took away the pain in her hip and knee. Initially, her knee pointed towards 1:00, which led to her foot not pointing straight and walking in the correct motion.

I'm able to walk a lot more without pain, so that's been a huge step forward... I just feel better with my hip, [and] my knee.

Susan Chesshire

After speaking with Tony Chiappetta (certified pedorthist) he was able to construct an orthotic to perfectly fit her foot and correct her problem all at the same time. Correcting the problem isn't a one-time deal either. At Chiappetta Shoes, we recommend a two-week check-up to see how everything is going. After the checkup, stopping by every 3-6 months is ideal to make sure the orthotics are performing to Chiappetta's high standards.

There's no comparison to the over-the-counter orthotics. These [custom orthotics] were fitted, they were thicker, they were perfect, and very comfortable in the shoe.

Susan Chesshire

If you're looking to have similar success like Susan, make a FREE custom orthotic appointment by clicking the image below. ⬇️

Chiappetta Shoes has had thousands of foot pain relief stories through our orthotic service. View Aaron's story by clicking the image below. Learn how he went from severe plantar fasciitis to walking the PGA Masters pain-free. ⛳️

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