Happy Feet, Happy Life

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Hi everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you to those who visited us on Small Business Saturday. ❤️

We loved seeing everyone and the amount of support shown overall to Kenosha's Small Businesses this weekend was phenomenal! So awesome! That being said, we have greatly appreciated all of our loyal customers over the years. Each comment, like, review, and story shared whether in person or on our social media does not go unnoticed.

These personal, and sometimes familial narratives touch us very deeply. We mean this very humbly; hearing about the individual lives that have been changed because of Chiappetta Shoes is what makes us Shoe Dogs love what we do. This week a story was shared via a Facebook review on our page that we felt compelled to share.

One of our customers, Liz, told us her story that left us humble, gracious, and joyful for her.

"I had horrible issues with my feet. I had orthotics from the podiatrist, physical therapy, cortisone shots, night brace, the boot, even a surgical procedure for plantar fasciitis. Every step I took was painful. I could barely walk let alone exercise. My mom took me to Chiappetta's and got me the best gift ever - custom orthotics. I had the ones from the doctor and they seemed to make it worse so I was skeptical but if they didn't work, we could get a partial refund so it was worth a try. Slowly but surely the pain went away. I was able to walk, even run a bit. I joined Serenity Life Fitness and started to lose weight and get stronger. I ran more. I trained for and finished my first half marathon in August. None of it would have been possible without the orthotics from Chiappetta's. I'd give them 10 out of 5 stars if I could. Thank you guys!" -Liz

Liz, we are so incredibly happy to have been a small part in your journey. Stories like yours are what make us proud of what we do every single day. Your story is so special and inspirational and we can only hope that others experiencing foot pain make the leap and give us the opportunity to help them as well.

The moment you walk in the door we will treat you like a part of our family. We aren't miracle workers. However, we are experts. We are listeners. We are makers. We are the best in customer service. We are a family. 

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