Orthotic Toolbox - Adjustment for Achilles Heel Pain

Tony Chiappetta
Tony Chiappetta


This lovely customer went 2 years since he's had his last checkup and the ol' Achilles has been acting up on him. The left Achilles has been more inflamed with a pulling sensation up to the calf. This customer has a D16 foot type (The Quadrastep System & Littlesteps Foot Orthotics) and has a significant amount of #pronation and ankle mobility. The right side is relatively happy!


(B) Scaphoid Pad - 3mm (55) durometer multi-cork.
(B) Lateral Heel Bar - 3mm (65) durometer multi-cork. Firmer here because there's more weight loading on this area.
(B) Heel Lift - 3mm Sponge Rubber. Firm but still bouncy enough to be comfortable for wear!


With our softer and more responsive #orthotic we originally engineered there was too much compression during the gait process from mid-stance to toe-off. To increase the contour and firmness of the orthotic, we ""brought the arch forward"" with a traditional Scaphoid Pad. This customer is also an A6 foot type with a fair amount of supinatory pressure and heel-strike, we added the Lateral Heel Bar as a guiding system.

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