Orthotic Toolbox - Adjustments for Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

Tony Chiappetta
Tony Chiappetta


One of our lovely customer has been doing much more walking thanks to our current Covid19 situation. Over the last few weeks, she noticed an irritation and protrusion round the medial ankle. Retrocalcaneal Bursitis is what the doc ordered! One aspect of our manufacturing is that we dislike plastics but still use it sparingly. More to follow.


To fill in the gap, I used a 6mm 55 duro EVA from #Acor... on the hard side but perfect for patch jobs like this. To maintain the stability of the heel cup, an EVA reinforcement is ideal as it's still on the softer side compared to a cork or rubber compound.


When working with subortholene or other plastics and ortbltics, one of the main problematic fit points is in the heel as the rigidity (2mm or >) will be so stiff that the insert can ""kick"" within the shoe, causing friction, irritation, and apparently bursitis. Removing the plastic from the heel cupping will reduce the kick and allow the heel to sit without movement between the footwear and insert. Thank God for Dremel ?.

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