Orthotic Toolbox - Metatarsal Pain in Cycling Shoes

Tony Chiappetta
Tony Chiappetta


The repetitive nature of cycling for many feet can lead to #metatarsal pressure, especially feet with more mobility or flexibility. A metatarsal pad often creates a pressurization pain because you're adding material rather than taking away.


The first attempt in solving the met pain was adding a #metatarsal pad but that only enslaved the area after about 5 miles into the normal 30 mile ride (not a happy customer ). So we went oppo on the second attempt, removing the SR #Poron met pad on the orthotic and, using a 3mm Sponge Rubber material, created a depression zone for the 2nd through the 4th #MPJ. Importantly, this did not impact the fit and with the contour of the #CustomOrthotic, we have proper weight distribution creating better efficiency in the #cycling #gait, and total reduction of pain in the metatarsal heads.

At Chiappetta Shoes , we pride ourselves in the combination of #science and #art and offer everyday, common sense solutions, everyday.

If you're suffering from foot pain, stop now and book a free assessment right now!

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