Orthotic Toolbox - Pain When Toeing Off

Austin Esser
Austin Esser


Similar to our previous post, this lovely customer has been doing some more walking to prevent that dreaded Covid15 and noticed a specific stabbing pain when toeing off during a good walk. This pain wasn't evident during the initial phases of a jaunt around the neighborhood and starts around 15 minutes into the exercise.


For both pieces we used a 55 durometer multi-cork as the base support material for this orthotic is Poron, a soft and responsive material. Both locations should translate well into the foot for proper correction due to the material composition.


With our softer and more responsive #orthotic we originally engineered there was too much compression during the gait process from mid-stance to toe-off. To increase the contour and firmness of the orthotic, we ""brought the arch forward"" with a traditional Scaphoid Pad. This customer is also an A6 foot type with a fair amount of supinatory pressure and heel-strike, we added the Lateral Heel Bar as a guiding system.

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