Orthotic Toolbox - Painful Second Metatarsal

Austin Esser
Austin Esser

Feet Hurt? LET US HELP!

Problem: One of our favorite parts of the job is that we can never say we've seen everything because crazy stuff can happen to the feet! This customer is unfortunately dealing with some consistent pain and irritation on the 2nd metatarsal head. The orthotic has been worn for about 5 weeks with very good results outside of this one area of the foot! When accessing the foot, we see a E21 #Quadrastep #FootType with a mobile forefoot and a fair amount of pronation from mid-stance to toe-off.

Solution: we started with a standard met pad (3mm cushion cork) for the first 5 weeks with reduced the irritation by about 20% but there was still consistent pain. For the first checkup, dialed up a 3 step combo pictured here. First we wanted to have a slight buildup around the 2nd through 4th MPJ's using a 2mm EFM (extra firm) material we get from #SoleTech. Second we created a depression zone, allowing the 2nd metatarsal bone to drop down, excavating to the top #EVA layer of the orthotic. Third (and most importantly) we filled in the depression zone with a 3mm layer of SR (slow recovery) Poron which acts as a shock absorbing layer but much softer than the surrounding materials. That's pro work right there. One week in with the adjustment and were up to 90% relief!

At Chiappetta Shoes , we pride ourselves in the combination of #science and #art and offer everyday, common sense solutions, everyday.

If you're suffering from foot pain, stop now and book a free assessment right now!


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