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We are Chiappetta Shoes. A family run business, four generations strong. We are fanatic about footwear, and we are serious about service.

So what does that look like? Simply put, it looks a little “old school.” When you walk into Chiappetta Shoes, we’ll greet you. Not ignore you. Sincerely greet you. We probably will shake your hand, introduce ourselves and take the time to find out how we can help you. That means we’ll listen. Actually listen. From there, we may ask you some questions, listen some more, offer some advice and work with you to give you exactly what you need. We won’t rush you. We won’t push products on you that don’t need or don’t want. We treat you how you deserve to be treated. We treat you like you’re a member of our family.

We’ve been in this business for nearly 100 years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. As certified pedorthists, we know a lot about feet and how to keep them as healthy as possible. As shoe retailers, we know a lot about style, artistry and craftsmanship. We know how to combine those two worlds to offer you the best footwear with the best fit. That’s the Chiappetta way.

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We love a great shoe

We Love a Great Shoe.

From on-trend styles to timeless classics, our footwear collection runs the gamut. Two things all our shoes have in common? One, all of our shoes are beautifully crafted to last. And two, with our expert help, our shoes are beautifully fit to your feet. Whether it’s for date night or a day at the desk, we’ll help you find the right, great shoe.

We've got it in the bag - Handbag selection at Chiappetta Shoes

We’ve Got It In the Bag.

Ever felt like you’ve spent hours of your life searching for that perfect handbag? You know the one. It carries all your stuff, complements your outfit, is comfortable to wear and looks amazing? Your search is over. We’ve got the satchels, cross-bodies and clutches you’ve been yearning for.

For feet's sake - Foot health and pedorthics at Chiappetta Shoes

For Feet’s Sake.

Our philosophy towards pedorthic care is simple. Accommodate the foot to reduce pain, relieve pressure and restore health. Most footwear on the market does not offer significant contour or support. With a focus on comfort and common sense, our pedorthic professionals provide a basic balance underneath your feet, solving many painful problems.

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“I had horrible issues with my feet. I had orthotics from the podiatrist, physical therapy, cortisone shots, night brace, the boot, even a surgical procedure for plantar fasciitis. Every step I took was painful. I could barely walk let alone exercise. My mom took me to Chiappetta’s and got me the best gift ever – custom orthotics. I had the ones from the doctor and they seemed to make it worse so I was skeptical but if they didn’t work, we could get a partial refund so it was worth a try. Slowly but surely the pain went away. I was able to walk, even run a bit. I joined Serenity Life Fitness and started to lose weight and get stronger. I ran more. I trained for and finished my first half marathon in August. None of it would have been possible without the orthotics from Chiappetta’s. I’d give them 10 out of 5 stars if I could. Thank you guys!”

-Liz H., Kenosha, WI