EMPOWERMENT – 2016 Creative Theme


In the past decade we have seen our lives transform in remarkable ways thanks to technology and the ingenuity of the American entrepreneur. It’s now easier than ever to buy literally anything you can imagine with the snap of a finger.  We have it so good, our computers are telling us what we need to buy faster than our own brains can process.  Watches track our heart rates, cars can drive themselves, and IBM Watson can read 800,000,000 pages per second, yes 800 million.  Whether you like it or not, technology is empowering us to operate more efficiently.  New gadgets and connected devices will continue to engrain themselves into our lives, unlocking new “life hacks” to get what we need easier and quicker.  This is also an election year and we all know every media outlet, website, mobile game advertisement, and other screens or speakers will be filled with messages about this guy is a racist, this gal is a liar, and on and on and on.  There will be plenty of negativity, but what we want to hear is how a candidate will empower America to become better, to grow, and prosper.

For Chiappetta Shoes, 2016 will be all about empowerment. We want to empower our customers to live life without limits.  Throughout the year, this theme will govern the conversations and operations with our customers and community.  As a part of our transformation into a better company, 95 years and four generations strong, we will set yearly trends that are important to us, you, and the rest of the community in the efforts to establish cultural leadership and to lead by example.

When looking forward to the future of Chiappetta Shoes, customer service and good advice is at the core of what we do. We want to help you walk better, work harder, live life without pain, and look good doing it.  We want to empower you to live life without limits.  Empowerment is at the core of what we do.  Just think, when is the last time you went to a store and was impressed by the salesperson and the service they offered… been a while I’m sure.  Most of us rely on Google searches to find out the information we want.  Sure it’s fun and usually very helpful but how often are you side tracked with random advertisements?  Next thing you know, it’s been two hours and your marinara sauce has burned at the bottom (always stir the sauce!).  When shopping at a store with excellent customer service, consider the fact that you are actually saving the time and frustration of hours of mindless research online.  Oddly enough, empowerment reaches beyond technology when you have intelligent people giving you helpful and realistic solutions.  The icing on the cake… we will shake your hand, give you a smile, and maybe even a hug.  No computer can do that.

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