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Gateway Interior Design Students Transform Chiappetta Shoes Window Displays

Window displays are an important part of any brick and mortar business. In addition to other forms of advertising such as newspaper, Facebook, SEM, snail mail, etc. we heavily rely on our window displays to attract potential customers, commonly referred to as “foot traffic” in the business industry. Similar to other retailers, we change up our window displays seasonally based on that season’s theme, categories, or collections. Simply, window displays are important to show existing and potential customers all of the goodies we have to offer that season. This season we sought out a group of talented individuals that would be interested in designing our window displays in order to get real life experience in the design field; after all, sometimes it’s good to get new eyes and a fresh perspective. In addition, we appreciate any opportunity to collaborate with students and other groups in our community. If you haven’t guessed already, Tony sought out Gateway’s Interior Design Program and with the help of instructor Rita Serpe, a collaboration was born.

Forming a Game Plan

Tony forwarded along to Rita a budget for the project and a few ideas we had in mind. From there, Rita had her students create digital sketches or designs, gather material lists, inspiration photos, etc. Besides a few basic requirements, we left the project open to creative suggestions and inventiveness. Rita forwarded along to us a final proposal and we had a solid game plan. As any good designer does, it’s important to sketch out a design – perhaps several – before executing a project

The Set-up & Execution

Rita Serpe and her students arrived for the set-up with a truck full of materials and a professional and positive demeanor. The eager students began to work immediately without needing much direction from their instructor, as they seemed to have a pretty good grasp on the process. The student worked diligently, arranging the different elements to make up the window display. While photographing the group and process, I noticed that the students would often step outside in front of the store front to check their work. I found this interesting, and soon realized that they were taking into account how the display would look to the public before decided on a permanent position of each element. Like our Fall footwear, the main theme of the displays incorporates cork and wool. The Gateway students came up a final design that is fresh, cozy, and very earthy. We love that the elements in the design are playful and coherent. We invite you to stop in soon to appreciate all of their hard work! Enjoy $10 OFF during our Fall sale now until October 20th.

Thank You

Special thanks to Rita Serpe for being open to the idea, and helping Gateway’s brightest students to organize, design, and implement awesome window displays for our store! We certainly appreciate the hard work and all of your efforts – the windows look great.

Gateway Technical College Student Participants:

Kristen Castona, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Donny Wickersheim, Kenosha, WI

Amber Stafford-Tarwid, Racine, WI

Madalyn Boehm, Kenosha, WI

Michele Penrod, Burlington, WI

Shontavia Moore, Kenosha, WI

Sara Bahr, Spring Grove, IL

Katie Tardin, Bristol, WI


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    1. Thanks Tony!
      We had a great time working with the Interior Design department from Gateway. I think they took a lot out of the project dealing with a retail environment vs a residential focus.
      ~ chips

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