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The Taos Brand

Taos, a relatively new company, started in 2005 with the purpose of creating stylish and comfortable footwear with superb materials. Designed in Southern California, Taos stays true to their roots of Taos, New Mexico. From their colorful sandals to their classic sneakers, the designs are of artistic nature and a casual lifestyle and feature elements such as natural stones, metal ornaments, and embroidery. When you purchase a pair of shoes from Taos you’re saying yes to style without sacrificing the good stuff a shoe should be made out of.

Taos Sizing + Fit

When it comes to sizing with Taos, some styles are carried in US sizing and other styles are European sizing.

Generally speaking, the Taos “Active Line” which contains mostly sneakers and athleisure, is US sizing.

Whereas about 40% remaining styles are European sizing. It can be a bit tricky, but luckily Taos is good at labeling their boxes with both US and European sizing for clarity.

Now, when it comes to the classic Plim Soul, or the star, the fit is shallower than average so we recommend you go up 1/2 a size. Stop in soon and we can fit you in a pair comfortably.

WMNS US Sizing:


WMNS European Sizing:

36: 5 – 5 1/2

37: 6 – 6 1/2

38: 7 – 7 1/2

39: 8 – 8 1/2

40: 9 – 9 1/2

41: 10 – 10 1/2

42: 11 – 11 1/2

43: 12

When it comes to Taos, most styles come in the standard M width. However, select styles and colors are available in other width options. Questions? Feel free to reach out!

Taos Plim Soul Summary

We see people out and about wearing Converse or Vans every single day. People love the style and can we blame them? We’re not here to knock them, but we have to point out the difference in quality when looking at one of those brands compared to the similar styles available from Taos. Taos uses materials that are GOOD for your feet and has comfort features that other brands just can’t compete with. Arguably, they have one of the best removable inserts on the market. When you look at the removable insert in the Plim Soul, you have arch support, metatarsal support, and a cupping in the insert that follows the natural arch of the foot. Upon cutting it open, you can see the distinct layers of the wax canvas upper, the antimicrobial lining, cement construction, and rubber outsole. The magic is in the insert. If you love a good casual sneaker to wear out and about, or even on vacation, Taos will steal your heart. Check out our other styles here.

Shop the Taos Plim Soul.

New Spring color options being added to the site shortly. Stay tuned!

Questions? Call 262.657.9142 or visit us in-store at 6821 39th Avenue, Kenosha WI 53142.

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