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Kenosha Running Club X Chiappetta Shoes Promotion

Chiappetta Shoes is happy to announce a fantastic partnership with the Kenosha Running Club. Chiappetta Shoes now offers a FREE one-year membership to the Kenosha Running Club for any new customer to Chiappetta Shoes.

If you are already a part of the Kenosha Running Club or become a new member of Kenosha Running Club, you have an exclusive offer to Chiappetta Shoes:

If you spend $250 on athletic shoes/apparel at Chiappetta Shoes, you will receive $25 back on your purchase.

All members of the Kenosha Running Club have an opportunity each week to win a pair of athletic socks from Chiappetta Shoes if:

1. You are the top runner of the week

2. Randomly selected if you participate in the new weekly challenge

We look forward to helping all the new runners and supporting those who have already been running for years!

Shop chiappettashoes.com for a new pair of runners now!

If you have any question on our partnership, feel free to stop by and ask someone from our sales team for more insight. We are also available by phone at (262) 657-9142