Loyalty Program Design Contest

The beauty of being the next generation is that we have many tools previously unavailable to the former generation.  Technology is a blessing in regards to being able to do practically anything with little investment or manpower.  The curse is that with all these wonderfully cool things a business can do, we get easily distracted and pulled in multiple different directions.  One night you are trying to learn simple Photoshop techniques, the next you are mastering Excel.  It can be a maddening process when in the end you become a jack of all trades but master of nothing.  When running a small business, you cannot get ahead by doing everything yourself.  Focusing on core competencies and what puts food on the table is the most important.  This is where the past generation usually gets it right.

In our focus to grow Chiappetta Shoes, we have developed some pretty advantageous loyalty programs that will be rolling out very soon.  To promote these programs in store as well as at gyms, offices, locker rooms, and anywhere else we decided to reach out to the University of Wisconsin – Parkside’s Art Department for a loyalty program design contest.  The goal was to design promotional posters, signage, handouts, or anything else the students thought up.  Professor Carey Watters and her Typography II class did a fantastic job making a project out of this collaboration and we found some great young and creative minds in the process.  We had one winner and many runner ups which are all detailed here with a description on their design!


The Winning Student and Design:

Patrick Davis

For the posters, I really wanted to emphasize the Chiappetta icon system, and witty catchphrases. Different images can be inserted behind each icon as you see fit, and visual hierarchy is used in order to capture the viewer’s attention. The Chiappetta logo is bold, as is the program name. The bottom contains a strong call to action featuring popular shoe brands carried by Chiappetta (per program); location, website, and phone information are also listed below. A color system can also be used on these posters. Each poster can be color swapped using other colors from Chiappetta branding guidelines, depending on the needs of the client

Chiappetta Shoes Athletic Club

Chiappetta Shoes Athletic Club by Patrick Davis

Runner Ups:

Hannah Emery

For my design concept I wanted to focus on imagery and reliability. I took photographs of an athlete jogging next to Lake Michigan and used them in my design because it represents both Kenosha and the Athletic Club Loyalty Program. I chose to use a black and white image because I wanted the typography to stand out and be the main focus. Simplicity is of great importance when it comes to my designs because I want my designs to be readable, to the point, and effective. Overall I enjoyed this project and I came away with an awesome poster and good designer/client experience.

Chiappetta Shoes Athletic Club

Chiappetta Shoes Athletic Club by Hannah Emery

Emily Silvestri

My design focused on a view of the shoe from the top. This is because most people see their own shoes when they are wearing them. I like illustrations so I used an illustration of a shoe. I used the colors and fonts of the company to make it fit in with the store as well. Overall, it was a fun project.

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra by Emily Silvestri

Leah Preston

The concept of my design was to stay focused on the fact that LOYALTY=REWARDS. I played up the statement through typographic design and highlighted it and the script logo in color while leaving everything else greyscale.  Presenting it in this way is intended to gain the viewers interest in the main points first.  All my program designs are made with a consistent look to help gain customer recognition with Chiappetta Shoes.
Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra by Lea Preston

Liz Robinson

In my poster design, I wanted to have a clear, simple, and modern design with all the important info readily attainable.  I also included a very inspiring big hero image with a unique block overlay that creates an interesting affect that draws the viewers into  what the rest of the poster is about.

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club by Liz Robinson

Rhyannon Jones

From what I have experienced with my first visit to the store as well as researching their website, Chiappetta seems to take great pride in their store and their work. The shoes that are sold there appear to be great quality and they have services that you do not see in big chain shoe stores. They care about their customers and I wanted to somehow emphasize this in the loyalty program posters. With that, I decided to go to the store and take photos of some of the shoes that were there instead of looking up images on sites like Shutterstock. Not only can this directly connect the posters to the store but the zoomed in shots can act as a preview of what Chiappetta has to offer and can also show those that view it how excellent the quality of some of the shoes are.

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club by Rhyannon Jones

Yecenia Velez

For my design concepts I really wanted to focus on brands of shoes sold in your store. When advertising to potential customers, I believe giving them an idea of what type of shoes are sold in your store can make or break their decision to stop in and see what you have to offer. I also really liked the one liner quotes on your site. including your own slogan from your site makes things more personal and seemed fitting to include on the posters. A call to action, along with deals customers a part of the program receive, and any contact information are also all included.

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club

Chiappetta Shoes Work Club by Yecenia Velez

Nick Freeman

The concept here was to take shoe repair tools and create a grid like pattern, involving the hammers used on Chiappetta’s website. Blew it up large enough to tell what they were to draw the viewer in to view it. The information is everything the customer needs to know about the Cosa Nostra loyalty program, and it is in the white space of the poster so it is easy to read and understand.

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra by Nick Freeman

Vanessa Manrique

I like the idea of having the main focus on the shoes, with little distraction in the background. Since the photo is focused on the feet and no face is showing, anyone can imagine themselves to be the in the poster.

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra

Chiappetta Shoes Cosa Nostra by Vanessa Manrique


To develop our commitment to be a contributing member of the community, Chiappetta Shoes will be working closely with the University of Wisconsin – Parkside in developing more projects like this.  We have a deep love for good design, attainable art, and developing the creative minds.  Thank you for reading, leave some constructive comments, sign up for our loyalty programs, and be sure to make Chiappetta Shoes your first stop for footwear!

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