Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill Cancellation Notice

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill Notice

Chiappetta Shoes Inc has halted their billing program with Medicare’s Diabetic Shoe effective immediately.

Kenosha, WI, December 21, 2017– Chiappetta Shoes Inc has halted their billing program with Medicare’s Diabetic Shoe effective immediately. 

Chiappetta Shoes Inc has decided to discontinue our support and services in conjunction with Medicare’s Diabetic Shoe Bill effective immediately. Since the beginning of the program, Chiappetta Shoes has been a steadfast provider of custom made diabetic orthotics as well as shoes that helped diabetic feet in need of a good fit. Over the past decade, this program has become far too troublesome for a small business like Chiappetta Shoes to continue the billing service. The reimbursements have continued to be driven down, therefore driving down the quality of footwear, inserts, and effectiveness of the footwear solutions. The liability and costs of the program have also been a major contributing factor in this cancellation of services.

“Custom orthotics and Pedorthics is the core of what Chiappetta Shoes is and will always be.”

~ Anthony Chiappetta Certified Pedorthist, CEO

There are three characteristics that make Chiappetta Shoes what it is today: the best level of customer service available, in-house cobbler and repair, and our Pedorthic services. Having our Pedorthic services is equal to Honda having its racing team. The premier knowledge of biomechanics, passion of helping people in need, and creativity of designing functional footwear solutions all comes from our Pedorthic services. Chiappetta Shoes was started by an Italian immigrant that knew how to make shoes for people with disabilities in the 1920’s and that passion still lives on every day for the employees of Chiappetta Shoes.

“As a small business, we are always looking for better ways to help our customers, run a profitable business, and build competitive advantages in the marketplace.”

~ Nick Chiappetta, COO

So, what does this mean for our customers?

Chiappetta Shoes has never participated in “accepting assignment” which means our prices are what they are. We do not play a game with our charges depending on what insurance you have and how much they reimburse. We feel this is the most ethical way to run a business as well as have the stability to offer the absolute best custom orthotics in the world (yes in the world). Chiappetta Shoes does provide billing assistance for our Pedorthic services but will be out of network for all insurance companies. If a customer would like to bill their insurance, a prescription is required. Because of our high level of quality in manufacturing custom orthotics, most of our customers choose to pay out of pocket. Not playing the insurance game has allowed Chiappetta Shoes to maintain the highest quality of materials and manufacturing processes.

This is an unfortunate circumstance for many of our current and potential customers that cannot afford the proper solutions. It is a sad reality that the current insurance environment is forcing Podiatrists and Pedorthists to evaluate the profitability of their businesses and ultimately cutting services. Chiappetta Shoes will always be here for their customers, but it takes profits to maintain a business for 4 generations and many more to come. Nothing in life is free.

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