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Naot Rome Review – The ’90s Are Back! – Not for Nothins’ – Chiappetta Shoes

The ’90s are coming back in a strong push and Chiappetta Shoes is on the trend as well by stocking up on the Naot Rome. Inspired by the Steve Madden era of footwear style, this is a shoe that embodies the 90s platform wedge.

The Naot Rome, made in Isreal, is an inch and a half platform wedge with great construction. By the looks of the shoe, you would think it’s a heavier shoe, but it’s surprisingly light. A great additional highlight to the shoe is it has a removable cork footbed. Cork forms to your foot the more you wear it so you will have a great, comfortable fit to the shoe in no time!

Naot’s uniquely engineered insoles are made of natural cork and latex and lined with a supple suede lining, creating a flexible and shock absorbing base of superior support that is designed to replicate the shape of one’s foot, much like a footprint left behind in the sand. 

The Rome provides a beautiful leather upper that we like to call “butta soft.” The sandal also provides a fuller fit on the instep to cover any potential bunyons one may have.

The Naot Rome is available in rumba red, buffalo brown, and smooth black. The sizing is available from 36-42.

If you have any additional footwear needs to accommodate this shoe, Chiappetta Shoes offer plenty of services to give you that perfect fit!

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