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While the eyes may be the window to one’s soul, the feet are the window to one’s general health. If you suffer from foot pain, you are not alone. Over 75% of adults will suffer from serious foot problems during their lifetime.

Foot ailments are often early symptoms of life altering health concerns. Symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, circulatory problems and nerve disorders frequently develop first in the feet. Other painful foot conditions such as hammertoes, bunions, callouses and plantar fasciitis significantly disrupt your quality of life.

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When making an orthotic there are hundreds of types of materials that can be used with varying levels of quality. These materials are sourced from all over the world, with a huge variety of quality of production. When Chiappetta’s gets all of our materials in, we do a rigorous quality check on each piece. We verify the thickness that was ordered, the durometer (or hardness) of the material, as well as visual inspection for imperfections. We can not stress quality enough because in this industry, many of the orthotic manufacturers are focused on their margins over quality, using cheap materials that make them more and help you less.


Custom orthotics are only a part of the solution and have to work in unison with your shoes. When making an orthotic, the recipe (or combination of materials) is vital to the overall satisfaction of you, the customer! When talking about the construction of a custom orthotic, we have to consider what “you” are wearing them with. An insert is only a part of the solution and has to work hand in hand with your footwear. So when making a custom orthotic, what types of shoes you wear is equally important to solving a problem. Men’s footwear is build with an average depth across all categories, so making orthotics for men is fairly easy when considering the thickness. For women, making the proper thickness is slightly trickier simply because women’s footwear varies greatly in depth. At Chiappetta’s, we figure out what you need and what is best for each situation.


We know feet.

For over four generations, Chiappetta Shoes has dedicated our business to promoting healthier living through good foot health.


  • Frederick C. Chiappetta, Certified Pedorthist

    Fred is the third generation owner of Chiappetta Shoes. Fred received his certification in Pedorthics from Northwestern University in 1986, after graduating from St. Ambrose University in Iowa. Fitting shoes since he was a kid, Fred has honed his skills to address foot issues with skilled precision. Fred got in at the ground floor of American Pedorthics, starting in the early 80’s when newer materials like memory cushion and foam rubbers were readily available for manufacturing custom inserts. From Fred’s original education, Chiappetta Shoes still manufactures custom orthotics with an “accommodative” philosophy, leading the way for happy customers and extremely happy feet.

  • Anthony F. Chiappetta, Certified Pedorthist

    Following in the family footsteps, Tony is the fourth generation at Chiappetta Shoes. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with degrees in marketing and Italian, Tony’s dream has always been to run an exceptional shoe store. Realizing that Pedorthics is the best possible customer service a shoe store could offer, he enrolled in Northwestern University’s Pedorthic program for certification. With an analytical mindset, Tony looks to improve the practice of custom orthotics through advancements in technology, materials, and process.

  • We are certified pedorthic professionals.

    Our pedorthic team is professionally certified and our business is accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABCOP). We adhere to ABCOP’s highest standards of pedorthic service and quality work. We also maintain active membership in the Pedorthic Footcare Association and the National Shoe Retailers Association.

  • We are innovators.

    Just as one medication does not fit all illnesses, one size does not fit all pedorthic issues. Through advanced measurement and casting techniques, we specialize in designing, developing and modifying devices to prevent and alleviate foot problems.

  • We are listeners.

    We first listen and then talk. Based on what we hear from you, we take the time to probe for deeper understanding of your concerns. We don’t just focus on foot pain, we ask questions about your overall health and lifestyle to completely assess your needs.

  • We are advocates.

    To our pedorthic team, living with foot pain is simply not an option. We are advocates for our customers, devoted to tailoring solutions that allow for a happier and healthier life.

  • We are educators.

    We invest time in educating our customers regarding the “What, Why and How,” explaining in real terms what they are experiencing, why they are experiencing it and how it can be remedied.


Our philosophy towards pedorthic care is simple. Accommodate the foot to reduce pain, relieve pressure and restore health.

Most footwear on the market does not offer significant contour or support. With a focus on comfort and common sense, your accommodative orthotics will provide a basic balance underneath your feet, solving many painful problems. We refer to this as “Bringing the ground up to the feet.”

  • Wear

    Our accommodative orthotics are made from a semi-weight bearing impression of your foot. This methodology does not manipulate the foot or mechanically alter the body. The result is an accommodative orthotic that is comfortable from day one. We recommend you wear your orthotics 100% of the time right away. If this is your first time wearing a custom orthotic, you may experience more of a “mental” adjustment period than a “physical” adjustment period.

  • Care

    In manufacturing custom orthotics, we only use the best materials available from around the world. Most of our orthotics are made with an EVA top cover material. This type of material has a closed cell structure which makes it antimicrobial and resistant to holding odors. If cleaning is needed, use acetone or rubbing alcohol and a clean rag to lightly go over the top cover. For any other care concerns, please bring your orthotics back to our store for a proper inspection.

  • Adjustments

    We recommend regularly scheduled custom orthotic checks at our store. Your first check should be after 2 weeks of wear. However, if you are experiencing a great deal of pain within the initial break-in period of 4-5 days, please schedule an appointment with our pedorthic team. We provide a 3-year guarantee for materials and support on our custom orthotics. There are no additional charges for custom orthotic services or adjustments during this 3-year period. We also offer no charge adjustments for our over the counter orthotics for the first 6 months of wear.

  • Insurance Information

    Chiappetta Shoes does not accept assignment; meaning the charges for our services and merchandise are not negotiable and you are responsible for paying. We are out of network for all insurance companies but can provide a Superbill with the proper medical coding information if requested.

  • Return Policy

    Our custom orthotics are guaranteed for 3 years. However, should you need to return your orthotics, we will refund the cost of the orthotic, minus the casting fee ($100), if returned within 6 months.

The absolute best custom orthotics

Now that you are fully informed, click below to book your free appointment! For new patients, we go through a free 30 minute assessment that starts with pathology discovery (what is causing the problem). After that we find out what foot type you are to find out what the exact bio-mechanics are that could be causing your foot problem. Last, and most importantly, is the impression where we capture the perfect picture of your foot. Minimum deposit of $100 is required.  Assessment is free!

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