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Your feet are your foundation and when you shop at Chiappetta Shoes, you’re making an investment in that foundation. Good shoes cost money and it usually pays to prolong their life. We call that “Recraftability”.  Our full service shoe repair can cover almost any repair and we like a challenge.

Types of Repairs


  • Birkenstock Repairs

    Chiappetta Shoes specializes in bringing Birkenstocks back to life. We cover all the options from replacing the heel, half-sole, and full sole replacements with Birkenstock’s original crepe rubber material. Pricing ranges from $25 to $75 depending on the work needed.

  • UGG Cleaning

    Using the Italian made ScarpaVapor cleaning machine from Bieffe Farinelli, we can make even the nastiest UGGS come back to life. The deep cleaning power of steam restores the natural look of your favorite boots. Pricing ranges from $25 to $35 depending on the work needed.

  • Red Wing, Danner, and Boot Repair

    Chiappetta Shoes provides world class resoling, stitching, welt repair, cleaning, and pretty much anything else you can dream up. Costs range depending on the work.

  • Vibram Sole Factor

    Our preferred soling company is the Italian based Vibram brand. Providing the best quality and assortment of rubbers and treads, Vibram is the best there is… and they’re Italian. Download the Vibram Sole Factor Catalog.

  • Neverwet Waterproofing

    Neverwet, a Rustoleum product, is the best and most effective waterproofing agent on the footwear market. We can treat pretty much anything as well! Pricing ranges from $15 to $35 depending on the work needed.

  • Sole Repair

    Full-sole, half-sole, and heel replacements. If the job is worth the work, Chiappetta Shoes can make sure you will walk home with an almost new pair of shoes. Pricing on heels and half-sole replacements range from $15 to $35 and full-sole replacements range from $65 to $85.

  • Rocker Bottoms

    Essential for many reasons, we can place a rocker bottom on pretty much any type of shoe. With Chiappetta Shoes’ Pedorthic expertise, we will make sure we know the proper method to get the best gait and comfort. Pricing ranges from $150 and up depending on the work needed.

  • Sole Lifts

    Whether you’ve had a hip replacement, broken bones, or scoliosis, a leg length discrepancy is a reality for man people and sole lifts are a necessity. Chiappetta Shoes makes sure to maintain the aesthetic of the footwear as well as create the most functional lift as possible. On average, lift work typically averages $25 per ¼ inch.

  • General Repairs

    Chiappetta Shoes can do it all, from shining shoes, stretching, stitching, replacing Velcro and elastic, shortening straps… we can get creative as well so feel free to test our cobbler skills. We will always let you know if the cost is worth the job. If you are a part of our Cosa Nostra loyalty program, many of these basic services are free! Make sure to join up!