New Year, New You, New Us

I love this time of the year. The holidays are coming to an end, winter is setting in, and a new beginning is coming. New Year’s is a time where we like to sit back and reflect on the past 12 months on what we have learned from our mistakes, how we took advantage of our opportunities, and how our other competitors did the same. I also love new years because of the idea that it is a fresh start, that what has been done is in the past and that you can do anything in the future as long as you work hard enough.

Personally, this new year will be filled with great adventures considering my addition to the family, Frederick Marion Chiappetta the Third (… it’s a working title). After reading all the parenting books, I am amazed how much you really learn on the job. Luckily we have great customers that have timely advice too. Just like in college, real life advice is still the most helpful. It is also amazing how the drive to grow a business can be ignited by having children and wanting to create a better future than you had, the American Dream.

For Chiappetta Shoes, 2016 will bring a great deal of changes and importance. 2016 will be our 95th year in business. Ninety five! That’s a lot of years. As a business, we have been extremely fortunate to be a part of a community that so elegantly represents and maintains the small businesses for generations. Just think about it, Chiappetta’s, Tenuta’s, Andrea’s, Paielli’s, all great businesses that wouldn’t be around for generations if it wasn’t for our midwestern community.

2016 will be a great year for Chiappetta Shoes. We have many initiatives to grow our business and make it more attractive for you! Never forget that you, the customers, are the most important part of the equation. We will be launching 3 new loyalty programs. These will be targeting our great workers of Kenosha, Racine, and Northern Illinois as well as creating an athletic program to incentivize you to buy your gym and running shoes from Chiappetta Shoes. Just think, there are not any “running” shops in town and we know much more than most when it comes to the feet and biomechanics, so we got your back. Considering the weather, El Nino should bring an early spring so get ready for sandals in February because you know 45° in February will feel like mid summer skirt weather. With the new Chiappetta Shoes website, there will be great changes in our marketing, how we talk to you, and how we shape our vision. I really feel that a company that can articulate a vision into making you buy-in or make you feel a certain way is much more powerful than offering buy one, get ones. Nobody dislikes saving money, but a company that shapes and contributes to the culture of a community is the one that’s winning in my book.

With that said…

Saturday the 2nd will be the start of our Annual Winter Clearance Sale! There are some amazing discounts and opportunities for you to save on many of the great brands we carry up to 70% off!
The Annual Winter Clearance Sale will end Saturday, January 16th.

Make sure to stop in early and often.

Salute to 95 years, 4 generations, and much more to come.

Happy New Years!

4 Comments on “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, NEW US!”

  1. I enjoy your energy and enthusiasm! I’m feeling a great year ahead as well…..
    Lovin the new stuff, Friends!
    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year ! 🙂

  2. It’s so wonderful to know you have been in business so long and still prosper. It is a reflection of the courtesy and attention you give to your clients. Wishing you many more years of progress and prosperity. Happy New Year

    Judith Fulmer

  3. Love the posts Tony Chia …. keep it is great for the young folk like myself to see. Ha..Can’t wait to meet Frederick…he will be a fixture in the store..all of the ladies will fall in with him..Happy New Year

    “Mel Selz”

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to the new things in the coming year. Thank you for the great times in the past.


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