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Nick Drucks – Employee Highlight

Chiappetta Shoes is celebrating another employee this week with their hard work and dedication to our company, and that is Nick Drucks! Five years ago, Nick Drucks started as an inventory specialist for Chiappetta Shoes and transitioned his role to the Ecommerce Manager, which is his current position today. We sat down with Nick to talk a little more about his experience with Chiappetta Shoes with our Q&A so scroll down to learn a little more about him! Enjoy!

Q: Being a Chiappetta Employee, you have definitely come a shoe dog. What do you enjoy about being immersed in the footwear industry to gain that title?

A: I’ve seen the evolution of footwear from model to model so it’s great to know for myself what makes a shoe so great and how a great shoe can still be improved upon. All of the shoes I own are from Chiappetta Shoes so I’m learning all about shoes that best fit my foot type so it’s great to have that information in the back of my head whenever I’m buying a new pair of footwear. We even received a 3D foot scanning device in the shop that analyzes your foot type, gives recommendations on orthotics, and shows how you walk. To see the technology used to help solve foot pain is incredibly cool to see.

Q: We know you are more of a behind-the-scenes guy, but do you think you could give an experience helping a customer solve their foot problem?

A: It’s true that you may not see me much when you come to the store, but I help customer’s help solve their foot problem every day still. I help out answering the phones to check to see if we have specific footwear our customers are looking for and also help with scheduling appointments for our certified pedorthists to see the customers. If you’ve ever visited our website to look for a pair of shoes, I’ve had some sort of involvement with that such as taking photos of the products, setting up product information, and making the product available to sell online. I may not have face-to-face interactions to solve foot pain, but I still am helping in the online retail side of our business.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have learned while working at Chiappetta Shoes?

A: My previous job was working at Tenuta’s Deli so transitioning to the retail world gave me a completely different experience. The main thing I learned is the behind-the-scenes aspect of running a business. Understanding what it takes to keep a website running is constant upkeep on it every single day. We are adding new products almost every day in the store and there’s always website maintenance to be done. Talking to web developers and completing tasks in a relatively quick window is important to the user experience when visiting our website.

Q: What is your favorite shoe available at Chiappetta Shoes?

A: Anything from the brand On-Running is a go-to choice of footwear for me. Their Cloudtec technology is incredibly comfortable and the reason why I wear their footwear. Their brand is a footwear company I would recommend for anyone looking for great all-around walking or running shoes.

On-Running Cloudvista

Q: Outside of the workplace, what do you like to do?

A: Outside of the workplace, I love to play guitar, go to the shooting range, do car photography, watch movies, and play video games.

Q: Thanks for sitting down with us, so for the final question, if someone is experiencing foot pain, what is your suggestion?

A: Stop by Chiappetta Shoes!