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On Cloudflyer

On Cloudflyer

The Cloudflyer by On is one of the lightest cushioned support shoes for runners, weighting only 8.99oz. It combines stability and agility to provide you with soft landing and explosive take-offs.

The outsole of the shoe contains 12 “cloud” elements that provide a larger surface underfoot for stability, while keeping the weight low. The “clouds” are configured to reduce the inward motion on landing and combined with the internal seed board it allows for a more stable, natural transition every stride.

To provide the runner with greater stability, the heel is wider than any other On Running shoe. The outer “cloud” elements are softer than the inside so that they collapse faster when you land, making your foot tilt outwards. The mid-foot of the shoe is a neutral. In the forefoot the inside “cloud” elements are softer than the outside so that your foot comes back into its S-Curve.

On Cloudflyer
On Cloudflyer Lace Pattern
On Cloudflyer Heel
On Cloudflyer Stability Clouds

The mesh design of the upper provides nice and breathable space for your foot. The tongue of the shoe is plush and does not rub against your foot, while the star pattern laces provides the front of your foot with flexibility, security, and distributes pressure evenly.

The insole is extremely soft and provides amazing cushion when you walk or run, by having larger holes in the outsole of the shoe. The heel cup provides a nice secure fit and the dual density sock liner is extremely comfortable and will provide you with comfort throughout your run.

The On Cloudflyer is an amazing comfortable running shoe that is perfect for any runner and their running goal. It is one of the best choices for long runs, half marathons, easy runs, recovery runs, and road running.

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