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Orthotics that are fitting right

Birkenstock Cutout


One of our customer is enjoying his new custom orthotics but they aren’t fitting quite “just right”. We added a metatarsal pad on there before, but about 1/4″ proximal to the current location in the picture above and we used a sponge rubber material. The main irritation was an arthritic “clicking” in the forefoot, directly associated with the Navicular bone. We also have a “drop off” feeling by the first metatarsal.


We have a huge variety of materials available for adjustments like these and when selecting the right one, we need to be dialed into the customer’s needs. In this case, we used a 3mm, 65 durometer, multi-cork which offers a firm pressure with about 5% long term compression. We doubled up the metatarsal area with an additional 3mm layer. Tapered at the edges and a gradual slope starting from the heel bone through the midfoot.

Orthotic Cutout


This customer absolutely loves his Birkenstocks, everything feels right when he has on the Arizona’s so we busted out our art skills and cut a template in the exact shape as the Birkenstock contour.

Finished Orthotic

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