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Anthony and Frederick Chiappetta are Certified Pedorthists, specializing in the interaction of your bio-mechanics and footwear. We like to consider ourselves shoe doctors and masters of manufacturing custom orthotics. 100% made in-house, our orthotic lab is an innovative space where we focus on the best solutions for your foot problems. Our philosophy on orthotics is that we work on an incremental basis, starting with a neutral (semi-weight barring) contour, then adding support thereafter.  This methodology allows you to wear the orthotics 100% of the time out of the box. Don’t throw your money away book your appointment today for the best custom orthotic.

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The Classic TCI.
The absolute best custom orthotic in the world.

A custom orthotic is a simple proposition. The main effect of a properly made custom orthotic is to create a more even weight distribution. Once achieved, there are plenty of extra corrections that can be implemented to help off-load problematic areas. All of our orthotics follow this basic philosophy:

  • Semi-weight barring impression method for the most neutral starting point.
  • Minimum 4 layer construction for durability.
  • Compression and heat molded for the highest quality construction methods.
  • Semi-rigid material recipe for the best fit with footwear.

We are Shoe Dogs, we are Cobblers, we understand the interaction of orthotics in footwear better than anyone else. When you need a functional solution to foot pain, look no further.

Athletic Orthotics

A necessity for runners, crossfitters, and power lifters. Made with shock absorbency, proprioception, and rebound as the main characteristics for material construction.

The “Maker” Orthotic

Made for the “Maker” working long shifts and pulling doubles on unforgiving shop floors.  This orthotic maintains our philosophy of semi-rigid construction but integrates a firm carbon fiber layer for extra durability.

Casual/Dress Orthotics

Lets face it, women’s footwear can be challenging with a wide range of depths. This orthotic combines extra thin materials to be comfortable yet versatile for all your footwear needs.

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  • Pricing

    Custom orthotics cost $400 total. $300 for a pair of orthotics and $100 for the casting fee. Orthotics guaranteed for 3 years, built for 5 years. Plaster molds are reusable for 5 to 7 years, saving $100 each time. The costs are upfront and we do not charge for adjustments or appointments!

  • Flexibility

    We are firm believers in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If you do have an orthotic that doesn’t jive with our philosophy but works for you, we can happily replicate. We stock over 130 different types of materials in our lab. The types of orthotics we can make are endless!

  • Insurance

    Chiappetta Shoes does not accept assignment; meaning the charges for our services and merchandise are not negotiable. We are out-of-network for all insurance companies but we can bill your insurance at no costs! RX required when billing insurance companies.

  • Health Savings Account HSA

    Chiappetta Shoes is set up to accept HSA payments.  Health Saving Accounts are great ways to spend your insurance money wisely. When needed, we can provide you with the proper documentation to submit to your insurance.

Certified Pedorthics

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Pedorthic Referrals

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Click here to find out more on our in-house, full service shoe repair. We can fix just about anything if it is worth the costs!

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The absolute best custom orthotics

Now that you are fully informed, click below to book your free appointment! For new patients, we go through a free 30 minute assessment that starts with pathology discovery (what is causing the problem). After that we find out what foot type you are to find out what the exact bio-mechanics are that could be causing your foot problem. Last, and most importantly, is the impression where we capture the perfect picture of your foot. Minimum deposit of $100 is required.  Assessment is free!

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