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Taking Impressions for Orthotic Molds at Chiappetta Shoes

Bringing the Ground up to the Feet

Our philosophy is simple. Accommodate the foot to reduce pain, relieve pressure and restore health.

Most footwear on the market does not offer significant contour. With a focus on comfort and common sense, accommodative orthotics provide a basic balance underneath the feet, solving many painful problems. We refer to this as “Bringing the ground up to the feet.”

With nearly 100 years in the retail shoe business, we know a lot about shoes. We understand that there is more to a shoe than how it is made. The real knowledge in our many years of experience comes in knowing “how” people use and wear their shoes. By using a semi-rigid orthotic, our customers benefit from this knowledge with an orthotic constructed using the ideal combination of fit and functionality.

Our pedorthic team utilizes semi-weight bearing impressions of the foot. This neutral casting method does not manipulate the foot or mechanically alter the body. The result is an accommodative orthotic that is comfortable from day one. Because of this proven approach, accommodative orthotics are the preferred choice for people who need pressure alleviation, such as diabetic patients with areas prone to ulceration. Corrections to the orthotics, if needed, are done easily on-site by our pedorthic team, after 1-3 weeks of wear. We provide a 3-year guarantee for materials and support on our custom orthotics, with no adjustment charges during that time period.

Meet the Chiappetta Pedorthic Team

Since 1921, Chiappetta Shoes has dedicated our business to promoting healthier living through good foot health. We proudly introduce our 3rd and 4th generation professional pedorthists.

Frederick C. Chiappetta, Certified Pedorthist

Frederick Chiappetta

Fred is the third generation owner of Chiappetta Shoes. Fred received his certification in Pedorthics from Northwestern University in 1986, after graduating from St. Ambrose University in Iowa. Fitting shoes since he was a kid, Fred has honed his skills to address foot issues with skilled precision. Fred got in at the ground floor of American Pedorthics, starting in the early 80’s when newer materials like memory cushion and foam rubbers were readily available for manufacturing custom inserts. From Fred’s original education, Chiappetta Shoes still manufactures custom orthotics with an “accommodative” philosophy, leading the way for happy customers and extremely happy feet.

Anthony F. Chiappetta, Certified Pedorthist

Anthony Chiappetta

Following in the family footsteps, Tony is the fourth generation at Chiappetta Shoes. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with degrees in marketing and Italian, Tony’s dream has always been to run an exceptional shoe store. Realizing that Pedorthics is the best possible customer service a shoe store could offer, he enrolled in Northwestern University’s Pedorthic program for certification. With an analytical mindset, Tony looks to improve the practice of custom orthotics through advancements in technology, materials, and process.