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A REAL Shoe Store

A real shoe store is made up of three components, all working together in unison,
in effort to offer the best possible solutions a consumer could ask for.
  • Retail

    Welcome to a personal experience focused on you. At Chiappetta Shoes we offer one on one customer service where you are a name, not a number. Our products are of the highest quality and we offer a selection not found in most other retailers. At Chiappetta’s we are a firm believer in John Wildsmith’s quote “you are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” Footwear is our foundation, and footwear is our first line of defense and that’s why it’s important to spend wisely. Quality, Service, and Selection is what makes a great experience for you, and is all found within Chiappetta Shoes.

  • Pedorthics

    Just like NASCAR racing is to automobile manufacturers, Chiappetta Shoes’ custom orthotic business gives us the best perspective on the feet. In the world of Pedorthics, we focus on the biomechanics of the body and how that affects you and your interaction with footwear. What makes Chiappetta’s the best at Pedorthics is not just our pedigree, but our continual commitment to innovation, education, quality and functionality. We are constantly looking for the latest and best techniques, always with the mindset to maintain the time-tested techniques that help the feet the best. The great understanding of biomechanics trickles down into our everyday sales having weekly educational sessions with our great sales team, offering a world-class retail experience. And most importantly, we’re all human and how we look is important! Offering the best possible quality in custom orthotics is equally important as the functionality, where the manufacturing methods must enable the most versatility out of a custom insert.

  • Repair

    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We are moving away from a disposable world where buying quality means less waste, more longevity, and making an investment to get your shoes fixed instead of throwing them away. Buying quality is an investment in yourself as well as the product. Having a full time Master Cobbler is the third piece to offering the best possible experience from a shoe store. It’s old school, it’s who we are, and it’s a statement to our history that a great idea can last forever.

Team Chia

Anthony Chiappetta

Certified Pedorthist

Tony has always viewed his position as the fourth generation in his family’s business as one of his greatest blessings. Tony started coming to work during grade school to sweep up the floors and make sure the inventory looked just right. With retail in his blood, Tony went to UW-Milwaukee for degrees in Marketing and Italian. In true fairytale fashion, Tony met his lovely wife Emiko in the store while he was helping her try on shoes. They have since expanded their family with the additions of their infamous labradoodle, Fiona, and their son, Freddy. Tony most enjoys helping his customers overcome foot problems and enabling them to be more active.

Nicholas Chiappetta

Customer Service

Much like his older brother Tony, Nick has been a part of the family business his entire life. After graduating with two degrees in Marketing and Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Nick joined the family business full time in 2010. His greatest gratification comes from being the fourth generation in the business and helping the company grow well after Chiappetta Shoes’ 100th year anniversary. When Nick is not working, you can find him on the golf course with Fred or enjoying the outdoors with his new wife, Natalie, and their dog Snoop.

Frederick Chiappetta

Certified Pedorthist, Owner

Fred has spent most of his life in the shoe store. Like Nick and Tony, Fred began helping out at the store as soon as he was able to walk and hasn’t looked back since. Fred takes great pride in being a third generation retailer and enjoys passing his wisdom and experiences down to his sons. As the owner of one of the oldest retail businesses in Kenosha, he has learned the importance of offering great service and selling quality products. Being a Certified Pedorthist has enabled Fred to reach out to and help countless people in the Kenosha community and beyond. When Fred’s not working, you can find him on the golf course with his friends and Nick, or spending time with his wife Lori and their grandson Freddy.

Lori Chiappetta


Lori is most often found behind the scenes making sure everything is operating smoothly and handling the mountains of paperwork that come with owning a business. She loves coming to work in the morning and having the opportunity to build and grow this illustrious business with the family. Lori’s greatest joy in life are her sons, Tony and Nick, and it is truly a pleasure to be with them on a daily basis facing opportunities and challenges together. Each day starts with a hug and a kiss for mamma, then everyone gets to work!

Chris Geier

Head of Marketing

Chris graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Web Design. He can be found behind the scenes getting advertisements setup, making sure the website is up to date, and creating social media images. He enjoys photography and more specifically astrophotography when the weather is nice.

Pete Lockwood

Master Cobbler

Pete Lockwood has always had a passion for artistic and creative work. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2011, studying Fine Art and the Spanish language. After getting started in the shoe repair business the year after, he came to Chiappetta Shoes in 2014 as an orthotic technician, where he currently handles orthotic casting and fabrication as well as shoe repair and modification.


Sales, Merchandising

Coming Soon

Nick Drucks

Inventory Specialist

Coming Soon

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Experience. Professionalism. Knowledge. Compassion.
That’s how we do it at Chiappetta Shoes.