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Post Tibia Tendon Dysfunction

Insert for post tibia disfunction


Customer is dealing with Post Tibia Tendon Dysfunction (#PTTD) from an injury about 2 years back. At this point, the injury is healed and and the stability of the ankle is solid. The current pain is stemming from a acute stabbing pain at the apex of the arch and a pulling sensation going up the medial back end of the ankle. The customer’s left foot is still pronating significantly more than the right and needs some stability!


When wrapping the side of an insert, the materials need to have the ability to be baked AND mold properly. Some materials with more rubber tend to crack or crumble when wrapping so we used a 55 durometer multi-cork material. This material has about 10% compression over the life of the orthotic and should last as long as the OTC insert does.

Superfeet Berry for Post Tibia Disfunction


We started out with trying the Superfeet Berry insert for approximately 2 weeks. Doing this helped us establish a baseline to say how much relief this OTC insert got us. The left foot still needed some stabilization and #pronation correction so we added a #scaphoid pad directly targeting the medial arch and not addressing the heel bone. We matched up the support on both left and right because the right side did have some extra mobility that could be addressed.

Final Result for Superfeet Berry Insert

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