Chiappetta Shoes would like to introduce you to Frederick Marion Chiappetta: fifth generation Chiappetta, the third Frederick Chiappetta, and the first child for Anthony and Emiko Chiappetta.  We are more than ecstatic to announce he is a happy and healthy baby born seven pounds two ounces, twenty inches tall, and ten days early.  As a first time father, I had all of the typical concerns and nervousness involved with having another human being you are one hundred percent responsible for.  Within the first few months of pregnancy, I thought this would be a cake walk since my wife and I got a labradoodle last year.  Fiona Chiappetta, our very animated puppy, was quite the knucklehead to train and raise her first year of life.  With the experience of training a wild puppy, I figured that a child would be easier (especially since they wear diapers).  After many nights running to Dairy Queen for Oreo Blizzards and some more thought, I came to realize that child-rearing is much more than teaching a puppy to sit, stay, and don’t pee on the carpet; to raise a child is like building a business.

Before Colin Cowherd got fired from ESPN, I listened to him often and one of the most interesting points he made over the hundreds of hours listening was that the best way to raise children was to guide them through their lives based off of core principles rather than constant parental intervention.  This concept really hit home because at the time we had just finished up our short term goals for 2016 through 2017 for Chiappetta Shoes.  Now I cannot speak to child-rearing quite yet but when building a business, big or small, you have to realize you cannot do everything yourself and to be successful you must delegate tasks to accomplish the goals of the enterprise.  Having core principles is applicable for any business and helps drive growth and prosperity because it empowers the people within to achieve without micro management.

Now I am just a rookie to the whole child-rearing game, but I’ve got enough years in the business world to be considered a wily veteran.  During the many times waiting in that DQ drive-through, I realized that child-rearing will be a fun exercise and that I have much of the groundwork already laid.  Some of the core principles we practice at Chiappetta Shoes that I plan on teaching my little Freddy are confidence and pride, patience, ultimate responsibility, humbleness, compassion and empathy, consistency, and last but not least the importance of family and community.  The thought of teaching a human being to be his own person as well as passing on my own core beliefs is what makes me extremely excited about our new addition to the family.  It is also what drives us as a business to grow responsibly, and with the best intentions.

Anthony chips Chiappetta, Certified Pedorthist



7 Comments on “READY, FREDDY?”

  1. Wow Tony,

    Beautifully written and so spot on. I am so hopeful that your generation of parents follow this advice and stop the hovering and over parenting that I honestly feel my generation did. So excited for you and your new family. Happy Thanksgiving!

    P.S. Absolutely love my new boots! You guys rock!

  2. Congratulations Tony and Emiko!
    It was funny how your wife and my daughter-in-law had the same due date and were both expecting boys but both having their babies 10 days early is crazy!
    When will you start carrying baby shoes?!

  3. Congratulations Tony to you your wife and of course Poppy Fred and Noni Lori,,,
    He is amazing and blessed to be in such a great family !!!
    Smith family

  4. Tony and Emiko! Only KUDOS & CONGRATS to you and your parents and theirs… A child is a gift with a boy bringing much JOY! Enjoy each ‘step’~ as he grows and becomes his own person!

  5. Tony now your adventure begins and you get to relive your childhood through your own child. You’ll see Christmas(and all holidays) through his eyes and appreciate life in a new way . Congratulations!

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