Clarks Janey Mae


SKU: 26111428


Natural organic contours give this women's lace-up shoe unique charm and comfort. Crafted by Clarks® Artisan with a handsewn look and feel, it features soft synthetic and suede linings and Clarks Plus intelligent underfoot cushioning for unending comfort. Offered in black leather, this laidback shoe is sure to become your go-to favorite. The triple-density Ortholite™ footbed delivers targeted cushioning where you need it most. Clarks Cushion Plus delivers specialized cushioning solutions for different pressure points. Layers of balanced cushioning stabilize the foot allowing you to walk with ease and provide long lasting impact absorption with every step. 1. MID-DENSITY: Underfoot Softness 2. LOW DENSITY: Pressure-Point Cushioning 3. HIGH DENSITY: Long-Lasting Support


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