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Special Gift in Every Online Order through Chiappetta Shoes – Fit Kit

As you all know, Chiappetta Shoes has a great reputation providing an outstanding in-store customer experience. We know that not everyone can make it into our store and also respect those that don’t feel comfortable coming in during these unprecedented times. To provide a great experience for those who shop online, we wanted to provide a little “somethin” with every online shoe order. And that special gift is a Chiappetta Shoes Fit Kit.

What’s a fit kit you ask? Well, we are happy to answer! A Chiappetta Shoes Fit Kit provides an improved fit in your shoe if you experience any heel slippage. We also supply a complimentary shoe horn to better slip on your shoes. Let’s go through the steps of how to properly use the cork shims for a perfect fit.

Step 1.

Remove footbed in shoe

Step 2.

Align cork shim to the front of the footbed

Step 3.

Cut cork shim to the same size as the toe end of the footbed

Step 4.

Slide cork shim into front of shoe

Step 5.

Slide food bed back into the shoe

Step 6.

Use shoe horn to slide foot into shoe

Chiappetta Shoes is always trying to improve ways to give you the best customer experience, whether that’s in our store, or in the comfort of your home. Check out our full Fit Kit video in the link below to see the full experience of receiving a Fit Kit at your doorstep.

Full Fit Kit Video

If you’re looking at an even more custom insert experience, Chiappetta Shoes offers custom and over-the-counter inserts. If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule an appointment by clicking this link here. Tony and Fred Chiappetta are both certified pedorthists that will help solve your foot problem! Whether it’s in-store or online, Chia Shoes appreciates your business!