Loyalty Program Design Contest

The beauty of being the next generation is that we have many tools previously unavailable to the former generation.  Technology is a blessing in regards to being able to do practically anything with little investment or manpower.  The curse is that with all these wonderfully cool things a business can do, we get easily distracted and pulled in multiple different … Read More


New Year, New You, New Us

I love this time of the year. The holidays are coming to an end, winter is setting in, and a new beginning is coming. New Year’s is a time where we like to sit back and reflect on the past 12 months on what we have learned from our mistakes, how we took advantage of our opportunities, and how our … Read More


Chiappetta Shoes would like to introduce you to Frederick Marion Chiappetta: fifth generation Chiappetta, the third Frederick Chiappetta, and the first child for Anthony and Emiko Chiappetta.  We are more than ecstatic to announce he is a happy and healthy baby born seven pounds two ounces, twenty inches tall, and ten days early.  As a first time father, I had … Read More


Chiappetta Shoes Blog - Clarity

It was June 2008; I was fresh out of college with a thousand ideas ready to roll for Chiappetta Shoes. The marketing and business programs from UW Milwaukee were great, where we had many professors that were ex businessmen themselves; not ready to retire and looking to impart their knowledge of the game on young individuals. The first month I … Read More