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#TeamChia Employee Spotlight: Matt Drucks

Today, we are happy to bring in another #TeamChia Employee Spotlight featuring Matt “Reggie” Drucks. Reggie has been a valued employee of Chiappetta Shoes since we hired him at just 15 years old. We are excited to bring you to our sit down convo with Reggie. Enjoy!

TC: Hey Reggie, thanks for sitting down with me today. We love what you’re doing here at Chiappetta Shoes and are ecstatic to bring you to the employee spotlight. You’re from the Kenosha area, right?

RD: Yea, I graduated from Tremper High School and am now currently attending the University of Parkside. All while still working at Chiappetta Shoes.

TC: Nice! What do you enjoy outside of work and school?

RD: I love basketball and the culture behind it. Part of the basketball culture is being a sneakerhead, which I like to consider myself one.

TC: What about Chiappetta Shoes? You’ve been here for 3 years now. What do you like being apart of our business?

RD: I really appreciate how much you guys have taught me over the years while giving me a lot of love and support on the job. Chiappetta treats all of their employees like family.

Reggie is the Inventory/Fulfillment Specialist at Chiappetta Shoes.

TC: We really do our best to treat each employee like family and I’m elated you have recognized that. Since you are a part of the shoe dog family, what do you think it means to be a shoe dog?

RD: I believe it comes down to the work ethic that I have gained while working at Chiappetta Shoes, but also represented by all of the employees here.

TC: Since this is a shoe company, I do have to ask, what’s your favorite shoe brand.

RD: My favorite shoe brand here would be New Balance for sure. The huge variety of styles and sizes they have is awesome for a shoe brand.

TC: That’s one of my favorites too. Well, thanks for sitting down with me today, Reggie. We really appreciate you being a part of #TeamChia

New Balance 990v5 in Grey facing right
New Balance – Women’s 990v5 – Grey/Castlerock – 189.95

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Ciao Ciao!