Thanksgiving Reflection

Hello, everyone! We hope this year has treated you well and that you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow surrounded by friends and family. That being said, this year we are thankful for many different things.

We are thankful for…

Our Community.

As a small business, we are dependent on the life of the community around us. Kenosha and the greater southeast Wisconsin has experienced tremendous growth and we are fortunate to be a part of this trend. We are extremely grateful for our awesome customers that visit our shop regularly. Chiappetta Shoes’ mission is to make every person, and specifically each foot that walks in the door comfortable, fit properly, look good, and as happy as possible. Without you that can not happen. There are a huge number of people that have become a part of our family so thank you for being a part of our thing.

Our Family.

Team Chia consists of eleven great individuals that strive everyday to make a difference. Although four of us are actual family, each member of Team Chia is cared for like they’re blood. We are grateful for the time, effort, and patience that they show not only with us, but our customers as well. Family is everything in life, and we are blessed to have such a great crew. 

Our Dreams.

Chiappetta Shoes has been in business for 96 years. We were founded by an Italian immigrant that knew how to make shoes for deformed and troubled feet and today, we still carry on that mission of helping feet in need of the right solutions. It is incredible to think that the same passion has been passed down for four generations of Chiappetta’s. With every step forward and each dream we achieve, that passion of best-in-class service will be the driving force for improvement. Chiappetta Shoes is happy to announce that we have gone online. With an E-commerce business, we will strive to be the leader in fit recommendations, foot measurement, and foot typing. It will take a lot of time and effort to get where we would like to be but that’s what dreams are for. Like our great-grandfather Pasquale, we’re ready to take on that ocean for what lies ahead.

With love,

Tony and Nick Chiappetta.

Team Chia.

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