Top Boots & Shoes for Winter (2018)

Wisconsinites know first-hand, perhaps more than anyone else, that the month is irrelevant when it comes to the unpredictability of weather. If you’re like me, a winter wonderland just isn’t very appealing after the Christmas season is done and over with. Thus, I do what’s only appropriate when it feels like it’s 10 below freezing – I bundle up into an eskimo-like state drinking tea and dreaming of summer, similar to hibernation. If you know me, I’m almost always cold and thus comfort and warmth are incredibly important to me when it comes to footwear. That being said, every lady should have a few options when it comes to winter shoes; something comfortable, something cozy, and something good looking. It’s a bonus when you can find footwear with all 3 qualities, but here at Chiappetta Shoes we have what you’re looking for. Without further ado, I’ve put together a list of our “Top Boots & Shoes for Winter (2018). I know, it’s almost the end of January, but seriously with the unpredictable weather (and if you’re not very prepared like myself) it’s not too late to purchase winter footwear. Full disclaimer, if you see something you like I’d hurry in. I say this because we’re already preparing for spring inventory coming in these next few weeks! Simply, these shoes are VERY limited on availability and sizing. As always, come on in and we can measure you for the perfect fit! Happy Winter!

Tall Bussola Boot in Brown

This boot from Bussola made our list because it’s a great standard tall boot that’s perfect for the unpredictable winter season, especially when you’re commuting to work and there’s a few inches of snow. The great thing about a tall boot is that it keeps you dry and relatively warm. Plus, I just love the look of a tall boot! Check out the buckle detail and pattern going down the side; super cute!

Wanderlust Boot in Black

This boot from Wanderlust is a great option as a snow boot. It’s waterproof and the featured pile lining is super soft but built to keep you warm and dry. Did we mention a removable comfort insert with Warmtex Heat Radiating System? This boot will keep you nice and toasty for those days in the snow or shoveling the driveway.

Ecco Boot in Navajo Brown

Alright, so I’m diggin’ the futuristic look of the boot. It has a feminine look with fur trim and soft nubuck leather for a great fit! This boot also features a simple lace closure system for all-day comfort. It’s a great boot to slip on and will definitely keep you warm and comfortable.

Rieker Boot in Schwarz

Get ridiculously comfortable in this boot by Rieker! Can I say that I love the look of the knit cuff and the side zipper closure with snap straps? It looks very put-together plus it’s easy to get on and off. Although I personally wouldn’t recommend this boot in a lot of snow, it offers excellent protection against the cold with its water-resistance and breathability. Generally, it’s an all-weather shoe.

Spring Step Boot in Taupe

This bootie from Spring Step is a really solid choice for protection against the wet and cold conditions. Featuring a waterproof nubuck leather upper with a cozy faux fur collar, this boot will keep your feet dry and warm all season long. I love the coloring of the faux fur on the top as well as the neutral taupe color of the boot. A great choice! I think you can also get away with wearing this boot in the fall too!

Haflinger Slipper in Charcoal

Okay, so it’s not a boot. But it is incredible comfort and warmth while you’re indoors and trying to hide from all that white stuff outside. This slipper features a wool felt upper and a playful decorative laser-cut pattern for added appeal. If you haven’t tried Haflinger, where have you been? A Chiappetta Shoes fan favorite, this slipper has wool-covered cork and latex midsole molds to your foot for a cozy and customized fit while the rubber sole with a rocker heel offers grip on a variety of surfaces.

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