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Twice a year hundreds of thousands retailers, vendors, and middle men converge on the great city of Las Vegas for a multitude of trade shows revolving around footwear, clothing, jewelry, and much more. Being born and bred retailers, these trips set the tone for the season and inject inspiration into a new year. The change of scenery, the ringing of the slots, the constant white noise of chatter and business decisions that can make or break a year, it’s more than invigorating!

At our shop we tend to get off subject and chat about life, but hey, we’re people people! This will be my twentieth trip to Las Vegas for the shoe shows. Over that time, I have honed the skills of an excellent forager of delicious cuisine. Whenever a customer brings up a trip to Las Vegas, my eyes light up with excitement because I love to make restaurant recommendations. I feel it necessary to document these for future referrals. The following is my current and ultimate guide to Las Vegas dining:

1.The Oyster Bar – A small gem of a restaurant tucked away in Harrah’s that offers the absolute best chefs in all of Las Vegas. The Oyster Bar is our go to for food, lunch and dinner. The two chefs that have been around since I have been attending are Trent and Li, two chefs that see me for a total of 5 to 6 days and still remember my name each time we show up.

2. Blueberry Hill Restaurant – is an amazing little joint we travel to every morning for breakfast. It’s a gathering point for us to collect ourselves and organize for the day. This is a typical Greek restaurant with everything made fresh daily. The breakfasts are reliable, the bathrooms are clean, and the service is on point with the coffee. Make sure to make at least one morning trip to Blueberry Hill!

3. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant – RA is the best sushi restaurant we have been to so far. These guys are crazy quick with their rolls, often serving the dish before the waiter leaves the table with the order. As far as sushi is concerned, the rolls are inventive and delicious. The setting is usually upbeat, younger, and a fun place to be.

4. Todd English’s Pub – Other than the airport, this is the first place we hit when arriving in Las Vegas. If you are a bloody Mary fan, hope to God you make it there on a Sunday for their ultimate bloody topped with a cheeseburger slider, a chicken wing, shrimp, and much more. The Pub also has a huge assortment of limited edition, small batch beers sourced from around the world. Oh and the food… it’s amazing, huge portions, stimulating recipes, just go!

5. Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge – One of the most surprisingly delicious dishes in Las Vegas can be found here. Located in a posh little corner of the Bellagio Casino, get yourself a seat and order the Popping Spicy Crab roll. You will be quickly surprised to find subtle explosions in your mouth thanks to the inclusion of Pop Rocks! Yes, Pop Rocks. Also, the absolute most romantic dining on the strip can be found here on the balcony overlooking the gorgeous Bellagio fountain.

Aside from obsessing about what restaurant to eat at next, we actually do work! The days are long, our mouths do not stop moving, and at the end of the day it’s all about you. During this trip, Chiappetta Shoes is looking forward to the upcoming fall and winter season (FW16). Throughout the regular season, our sales people any myself put together a wish list of shoes, looks, designs, and wants from our customers.

We are also looking for inspiration from you as well! What would you like to see in our shop? What are you missing in your wardrobe? Any brands, styles, or colors that we should have in stock? Please let us know now! Leave a comment below or shoot us a message on Facebook. Ask your friends too (especially the ones that haven’t shopped with us)!

During the Platform Shoe show, we will also be live casting pictures and videos on our Instagram page! Follow us @chiappettashoes and check back often! Should be lots of fun and a great way for you to have immediate input on the fall/winter season’s purchases!

We appreciate all the support and are in business to empower you to live life to the fullest.

Ciao Ciao,

Tony chips Chiappetta
Chiappetta Shoes Inc.

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