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Veronica Chairez – Chiappetta Shoes Employee Highlight

This week we are highlighting our great sales floor employee, Veronica Chairez! Veronica is super personable and is a joy to encounter when stopping into Chiappetta Shoes. Veronica was a customer before she started at Chiappetta Shoes so it was a match in the making. We got a chance to sit down with her for a Q&A to get to know her a little more. Scroll below for our conversation.

Q: What have you enjoyed about being a shoe dog?

A: I love working with customers one-on-one. Learning the mechanics of the foot has been very exciting and I’m excited to use that knowledge to help our customers. Having a knowledge base of the different parts of the foot, the functions, and potential issues that can come with foot pain dramatically increases our opportunity to fit a customer with the perfect pair of shoes and/or orthotics.

“Learning the mechanics of the foot has been very exciting and I’m excited to use that knowledge to help our customers.” – Veronica

Q: Can you give an experience you had helping a customer?

A: I had a nurse come in who was having pain during shifts. Nurses come to our store a lot due to how often they’re on their feet so we are well prepared with a variety of options that can keep them feeling good on their feet for a long time. We found her a shoe and insert to help with the foot pain.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have learned while working at Chiappetta Shoes?

A: We are a team with the same goal to help solve foot pain. We work together to make sure help is always there on the sales floor to make sure every customer is given the care and service they need. Everyone can use a little support!

Q: What is your favorite shoe at Chiappetta Shoes and why?

A: The Dromadaris Kara Boot. It has soft leather, is lined for warmth, and is comfortable. The big plus is that it comes in wide widths and a variety of colors. At $200, it will be well worth the price because of its durability.

Dromedaris Women’s Kara – Olive

Q: What is your favorite shoe to sell to customers and why?

A: I not only love wearing the Kara boot but also fitting customers with it too! I love putting this boot on customers because it’s not always their pick but they tend to love it once it’s on.

Q: Outside the workplace, what do you enjoy doing?

A: I’ve always been a big fan of the art of music, which has led me to become a classically trained musician. I play the bassoon as a member of the Racine concert band. I also perform in the Parkside Community Band.

Q: Is there one piece of advice you could recommend to someone who has a foot problem?

A: Don’t wait! Stop in and let us help you and your feet! Life’s too short to live with foot pain…and ugly shoes! 😜

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