We are a family business that has been solving foot problems since 1921. Now four generations in, footwear is in our blood. Lori, Fred, Nick, and Tony Chiappetta have unique individual strengths that have created a perfect team.


Chiappetta Shoes have on-hand pedorthists to properly analyze your feet and give you the best solution to solve your foot problem. Our custom orthotics are arguably the best in the country and have improved thousands of lives.


Not only is our footwear top quality, but our staff are too. When you come to our store, you will receive one-on-one customer service where your needs are put first. Our new store is also built on quality to match the quality of service and footwear offered. Chiappetta Shoes currently holds the title of "Best Comfort Specialty Store" by Footwear Plus Magazine.


While the eyes may be the window to one’s soul, the feet are the window to one’s general health. If you suffer from foot pain, you are not alone. Over 75% of adults will suffer from serious foot problems during their lifetime. For over four generations, Chiappetta Shoes has dedicated our business to promoting healthier living through good foot health. What does our commitment to understanding and alleviating foot problems mean for you? To our pedorthic team, living with foot pain is simply not an option. We are advocates for our customers, devoted to tailoring solutions that allow for a happier and healthier life.


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