Dressing for Winter Runs

Austin Esser

Running in winter doesn’t have to suck, does it? When its 25 degrees out, you can’t start with a quick warm up just to fight the cold. If you aren’t wearing the correct layers you may end up cold and wet from sweating too much. With the proper layers you can help regulate your body temperature and help reduce cold related illnesses.


When you are getting ready for your run, you should remember it’s always better to be slightly cold and dry rather than warm and sweating. If you are feeling toasty in your first mile you may be overdressed.

Essential Items to Have:

  • Running tights or pants
  • Long sleeve tech shirt (wool or poly blend)
  • Running gloves or mittens
  • Headband or hat
  • Windproof running Jacket
  • Running socks (Tech Fabric or Wool Blend)

Top 5 Running Tips

  1. Mind the sweat

    When it's cold outside you don't realize how much you sweat. If you are wearing a few layers, the sweat often evaporates during your run, especially with low humidity and wind. High tech fabrics help to keep you warm and dry, but you may not realize how much you have sweated.

  2. Watch the thermostat

    Figuring out what to wear for different weather conditions may take a bit of trial and error. You should start out feeling chilly before your run, but you will warm up and start feeling more comfortable between 8 and 15min.

  3. Get out of the wind

    The wind can not only slow you down, but it will affect your body temperature. If you know what direction the wind comes from, you should try to run in the opposite direction.

  4. Get a grip

    Snow can be ok if it's not too slippery, but when the sidewalks and roads are slick you can wear trail shoes with Gor-Tex or slip on grippers that go over your shoes.

  5. Layer Up

    Layers help to keep the heat in and the air circulating. Moisture wicking fabrics help keep clothes from becoming cold and wet.

When temperatures dip below freezing be sure to pay attention to local weather information and warnings. Cold temperatures and dry air can aggravate some health conditions, so make sure to use your best judgment as to whether you should run outside or not.

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