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Hi everyone! If you don't already know, a few weeks ago the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation made a special visit to Chiappetta Shoes because we are now part of the "Made in Wisconsin" program for our custom orthotic work.

The Made in Wisconsin Program is a program for businesses, like Chiappetta Shoes, that not only invest in their communities and provide jobs to their neighbors but demonstrate overall pride in their work. We are extremely grateful to be a part of such a wonderful program and were eager to show Lauren and Amanda, from the WEDC, a warm Shoe Dog greeting and a viewing of the shop to see where the magic happens.

During their visit, Tony and Pete demonstrated to Lauren and Amanda the basic processes of Chiappetta's custom orthotic work but more importantly, what makes our orthotics so special. If you're not already familiar with our custom orthotic work, each one is made in-house by Pete, our Master Cobbler. Each foot is different and thus each pair of orthotics is completely unique to you. We see time and time again people walk through our doors frustrated because they have tried everything under the sun to get relief from their chronic foot pain and foot problems. So what makes our orthotics so different?

In a shortened version, during your very first appointment, we do a problem discovery and lifestyle questionnaire, a foot analysis, a foot assessment, and ultimately solution gathering where we will discuss our thoughts on the best solutions for you. Simply, we listen and you will never feel rushed or ignored. In addition, our molding & impression process, manufacturing location (in-house), orthotic functionality, and orthotic materials and fitting qualities are the best around - but another blog coming soon on that.

After Lauren and Amanda were shown around the shop, they conducted an interview of Tony and Nick Chiappetta. Check it out! In conclusion, we at Chiappetta Shoes are Wisconsin proud and incredibly dedicated to reaching success through our own expertise, compassion, and state pride. Wisconsin made, Wisconsin proud. Our behind-the-scenes of the interview conducted by the WEDC: View Video WEDC Full Interview with Tony & Nick Chiappetta: View Video

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