From Crippling Pain to Walking the Masters Pain-Free | Chiappetta Custom Orthotics Story

Austin Esser
Aaron J. is a proud customer that had a bit of a journey before making it to Chiappetta Shoes. Aaron tried custom orthotics from another company and had minimal results. The material wasn't as forgiving as Chiappetta's. Luckily, Aaron's primary physician referred him to Chiappetta Shoes.

Aaron had severe plantar fasciitis where it was crippling for him to get up from a sitting position to standing. So to finally make it to Chiappetta's was the start of his new life of a pain-free foot. There is a proven process, however, to achieve the best results at Chiappetta Shoes.

"You [Tony Chiappetta] customized it [custom orthotic]. You were able to reshape it after it was made. I came in, you guys did a touch up. That was something you don't normally get."

Aaron J.

An important part of the Chiappetta Shoes process is that we don't charge for any adjustments in the first three years. That's because Chia Shoes takes an incremental approach to solving your foot problem. Working incrementally allows our pedorthists to gradually fixing your foot problem rather than never seeing you again after purchasing and wishing you good luck.

Once Aaron stepped into his orthotics, he felt relief immediately. Within a couple of weeks to a month, Aaron no longer had any pain. Aaron was very proactive with solving his foot pain by even wearing shoes inside. We, at Chiappetta Shoes always recommend wearing shoes in your house. Wearing footwear inside is to prevent injuries and accidents to keep your feet in top shape!

Chiappetta Shoes teamed up with Doctors of Physical Therapy in Kenosha for great massage tips to relieve foot pain. There are plenty of ways to put the best foot forward (pun intended) to keep your feet in great shape while owning the world's best custom orthotics.

The great compliment to Chiappetta Shoes orthotic service is we offer amazing footwear in pair with your new orthotics. From New Balance to On-Running, Chiapetta Shoes offers a great selection of comfortable and stylish brands.

Aaron is now 2 years into wearing his custom orthotics. ""They still feel great! I transfer them to every pair of shoes I wear... They're just completely night and day comfortable."" - Aaron J.

Aaron still stops by every 6 months to make sure the orthotics are fitting great. All adjustments are free for the first three years of Chiappetta Shoes orthotics so it's recommended to take full advantage of the service provided.

"Had I not been given the recommendation to come here, I would still be in pain... There are two things that have changed my life; Chiappetta Shoes inserts, and a CPAP machine."

Aaron J.

Check out the full conversation Tony Chiappetta had with Aaron in the video below. ⬇️

Aaron is just one of the thousands of customers Chiappetta Shoes have helped solve their foot problem. Check out other amazing orthotic stories by clicking Shelley's story in the image below. ⬇️


If you're in pain due to your feet, make an appointment at the link below. We guarantee Chiappetta Shoes will solve your foot problem.

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