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Austin Esser
Austin Esser
Chiappetta Shoes is happy to introduce a new blog series to help promote health and wellness. Chia Shoes is also a big supporter of local and small businesses. That's why we are collaborating with Amy Sichmeller and her company, Wellmade Restorative. Wellmade Restorative is a lifestyle resource for those striving to live a vibrant and more fulfilling life. We might as well let Amy take it from here. Enjoy!

Hello there!

Welcome to my little corner where I intend to bring you uplifting and useful tidbits in regard to health, wellness, and nutrition.

I suppose a little introduction would be helpful....

Over the past 6 years, I have been navigating through my own health journey. As a self-taught Chef and wellness enthusiast, I knew I wanted to find a career that connected the two. Most recently I became a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor and developed a line of superfood booster blends that effortlessly enhance your nutrition. I am most passionate about leading a lifestyle that promotes longevity, balance, and joy!

The most powerful shift I have made to my health in 2020 has all rooted in MINDSET.  Shifting my mindset has been a game-changer, especially in situations we cannot control (um, which has been A LOT of this year). 

At first, this idea of mindset can feel a bit like a joke, as if it’s not authentically how you feel.  For example, say you lose your job at no fault of your own (this is actually a real-life scenario of mine), it’s a big deal and it’s stressful. You immediately go into victim mode.  You cry and dive into the worst-case scenario rabbit hole and spiral. You spend all your energy feeling angry, sad, and mopey.

Now take the same scenario but with a different mindset. You have your boo-hoo moment, you accept the situation, and then you consciously make the decision to move forward.  You make a list of your strengths and determine short-term goals while you get back on your feet. The extra time on your hand becomes a blessing and this lull in employment becomes an opportunity to refocus, realign, and find the next opportunity that is even better than the last.  

It takes a bit of training to where positively shifting your mindset just becomes natural, but I swear if you make an effort to do so, you cannot go back to the old way of thinking.

When you take complete ownership over your life whether it is in regards to your health, relationships, finances...whatever it might be, you will find it is much more difficult to go down that worst-case scenario rabbit hole. It will be almost impossible for you to put negative energy out there and when you have this radiating force of resiliency there is not much that will bring you down!


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