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Austin Esser
Austin Esser
Ah, the dauber. A dauber is a simple item, but an item that creates perfection. Let's give a little backstory behind this handy brush. A dauber is a style of shoe brush made specifically to help polish, shine, or apply protectant to your shoes or boots. Unlike the flat brushes, daubers are used best to scrape away dirt and grime before polishing. Of course, you need the brush’s best friends, and those are the polishes or creams. Both are products that we sell here in-store at Chiappetta to help keep your shoes in excellent condition. The polishes, brushes, and creams will soon be available online to purchase.

For those who like the inside baseball version of the brush, we will go over how to correctly use the brush.

The first thing you want to do is tap the dauber on the shoe cream or polish and lightly apply the product evenly using small circular strokes so that it can penetrate the leather. 

It’s recommended that you use one dauber per shoe polish so there aren’t any color mixes between the polishes or creams. 

The dauber is a great small tool to keep around so your shoes are always looking minty fresh. Or leather fresh…if that’s the shoe version of the phrase.

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